Cryptocurrency investment into a lending pool has become more popular in recent years and this is because it is a great way to get involved in the cryptocurrency market without buying or selling cryptocurrencies outright. There are several other reasons, too:

  • Firstly, cryptocurrencies are relatively new, and there is still much to learn about them. This means that many people are unsure how to invest safely and securely.

  • Secondly, cryptocurrencies have been known to be volatile, meaning that their value can change rapidly. This makes it difficult for people to predict how much they will earn from an investment.

  • Thirdly, some believe lending pools offer a safer way of investing in cryptocurrencies than buying and holding them.

  • Lastly, you are still keeping your crypto asset by investing it into lending pools because you can withdraw your investment anytime.

There are several crypto lending platforms that allow you to invest in a lending pool and earn interests. When it comes to DeFi lending, it can be hard to know which pool to invest in. You want to ensure that the pool is perfect for your needs and that you get the best investment return.

👇Vault Participants

Our VAULT allows you to avoid investing in a variety of lending protocols so that you can invest in the perfect and profitable one.

You are able to simply deposit your BNB or BUSD to earn rewards in GYMNET (the utility token for the Gym ecosystem).

The way this works is that your BNB or BUSD deposit is forwarded to our partner platform Alpaca Finance via Smart Contract and placed in their Lending Pool.

For funding the lending pool you will receive an APY (Annual Percentage Yield) from the Alpaca Finance protocol together with our own issued GYMNET Token as a reward. That way you will earn much more than if you were to use Alpaca‘s Lending Pool directly. Besides the GYM NETWORK platform is way more beginner friendly.

The investors can sell, hold, or convert and reinvest GYMNET rewards. Reinvesting is ideal because it implies you now have more capital to invest, and you will earn more rewards. You can also hold your GYMNET tokens as there is potential for the token to grow in value.

Our BUSD Vault gives you the opportunity to keep your balance in a Stable Coin and still earn GYMNET Rewards!

GYM NETWORK provides simple access for the average user, thus making it easy for everyone to participate in DeFi.

And the best part is:

Your full deposit amount is available to be withdrawn ANYTIME, whenever you like.

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