GYMNET Utility

GYMNET Token is the token of Gym Network Financial Ecosystem & Gym Street Financial Metaverse.

GYMNET has a lot of use cases that makes it a must-have crypto token. GYMNET stands tall as it gives you the reassurance you need via the several use cases the project has to offer.

Future Utilities in Gym Street Financial Metaverse

โ— Cash FT Card Activation Fee and Staking Requirement for Card Order

โ— Mystery Box NFTs that contain special and limited NFTs available in blind auctions

โ— Activation Fee World Stake Center Products: stake your Bitcoin, ADA, ETH, DOT, USDC,

USDT, and many more

โ— DEX โ€“ Financial Benefit Activation and Locking Fee

โ— Discounts for Buy and Upgrade Land in the Metaverse

โ— Access to Aesthetic and Avatar NFTs

โ— NFT Marketplace โ€“ Financial Benefit Activation and Locking Fee

โ— Preferential Launch of New Products โ€“ Token Locking and Staking

Recent Utilities in Gym Network Financial Ecosystem

GYMNET Utilities that are already available:

โ— Single Pool, also containing access to:

โ—‹ NFT Reflections

โ—‹ GYMNET serves as a Governance Token

โ— Farming (4% buy and burn fee)

โ— Unlock Affiliate Benefits through Single Pool and Farming Deposits

โ— Ivendpay Partnership:

โ—‹ Pay bills with GYMNET, such as in restaurants or hotels

โ—‹ Use GYMNET to purchase snacks and items at Ivendpayโ€™s vending machines

Further Metaverse Utilities

โ— Blockchain Courses โ€“ Increase your knowledge about DeFi, NFTs, and more

โ— Participation in Coin Tips

โ— DeFi Lottery Systems

โ— Metaverse Games Token โ€“ Level up, Upgrade Special NFTs, Increase Benefits

โ— VR and AR Utility โ€“ Pay with GYMNET for early access and special effects

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