👩‍🏫System Overview

One of the biggest challenges for investors when it comes to Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is not falling victim to the hype. Decentralized Finance and cryptocurrency have become increasingly popular among institutions and ordinary investors alike. Decentralized Finance can be crazy as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of projects. This can be cumbersome for the average user when they come to the DeFi space and see all these potential places where they can invest, which are much larger than what they can find in traditional finance.

As with any investment, you have two choices if you have decided to invest in DeFi or the cryptocurrency market. You might conduct your own research and invest on your own. Or you can use a reliable investment platform like the GYM NETWORK to make DeFi investments. GYM NETWORK is a yield aggregator where you can easily find the best yields in DeFi. At GYM NETWORK, we offer innovative solutions to make your DeFi harvest as profitable as possible. The GYM NETWORK has its own utility token (GYMNET) and governance token (gGYMNET).

👇Vault Participants

The Gym Network's VAULT is a fantastic BNB/BUSD investment option. Using a smart contract, VAULT automatically invests investors' BNB or BUSD deposits in the Alpaca Finance Lending protocol. With the VAULT investment option, you are investing in the ideal and profitable lending protocol instead of a variety of less successful ones.

👇Farm Participants

Additionally, we have set aside 6% (40M) of the total amount of GYMNET tokens for investors and supporters that strengthen the BNB/USDT/GYMNET pool by adding liquidity. With this investment option, you can earn significant yields by farming your BNB, USDT, and GYMNET tokens.

👇Single Pool Participants

Furthermore, you will receive both GYMNET and gGYMNET tokens as a reward during the locked time if you lock a certain amount of GYMNET tokens in the GYM NETWORK Single Pool for A SPECIFIC PERIOD. Additionally, each gGYMNET holder has access to the pool rewards from the original NFT purchases made during the GYMSTREET launch. GYMSTREET is the independent metaverse partner of the GYM NETWORK. 1% of all NFT sales from GYMSTREET flow into the NFT Turnover pool, which will be shared among gGYMNET token owners.

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