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GYMNET Utility

GYMNET is the native token of the GYM STREET Metaverse. It is unique in its use and already offers a wide range of possibilities with many more to come in the future.
To make the view easier for you we stop the utility points here:

GYMSTREET launch in August 2022

Previous Utility and Partnerships:
  • NFT Reflection through the Single Pool
  • Affiliate benefits in the Gymnetwork through Single Pool or Farm.
  • Governance token (use will occur in 2023)
Ivendpay Partnership:
  • Pay bills with GYMNET, such as in restaurants or hotels
  • Use GYMNET to purchase snacks and items at Ivendpay’s vending machines


  • Global CARD & BANKING money transfers
  • Quick exchange process
  • Work with FIAT, CRYPTO and NFT in one place
  • Personal IBAN or SWIFT
  • Send and receive money in seconds
  • Affiliate Layer Solution

Spend Fiat & Crypto, Get Unbeatable Benefits

  • NFT Cashback
  • NFT Global Line
  • NFT Raffle Club
  • NFT minting machine

Prior Utility 2023, 2024, 2025:

  • Mystery Box NFTs, which include special and limited NFTs available in blind auctions.
  • Activation fee for World Stake Center products: Unique opportunity to stake your coins (BTC, ETH, USDC and many more).
  • NFT Land Discounts
  • NFT Upgrade Land Discount
  • Unique Reward NFTs
  • DEX - Financial advantage activation and locking fee.
  • NFT Marketplace - Financial advantage activation and locking fee
  • NFT upgrades for existing products
  • Aesthetic NFTs
  • Advertising NFTs
  • GYMSTREET University courses that can be paid for with GYMNET tokens
  • In-game activities (Find Gordon Game)
  • Social Metaverse Experience
  • Beta User Experience
  • VR activities (multiple)
  • Avatar consultation features
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Web traffic bundles
  • Advertising Shout outs
  • Event ticket NFTs
  • Real Life Ticket NFTs for GYMSTREET events
  • NFTs Monetization Add-Ons
  • Interior building design NFTs
  • Building exterior design NFTs
  • NFT Defi Sweepstakes
  • and much more.