Welcome To Gym Network

Welcome to GYM NETWORK, the yield aggregator where you can easily find the best yields in DeFi .
Decentralized Finance can be a crazy place as there are hundreds, if not thousands of projects. This can be cumbersome for the average user when they come to the DeFi space and see all these potential places where they can earn interest rates, which are much higher than what they can find in traditional finance.
With that in mind we wanted to create a yield aggregator, a place where you can deposit your assets and easily find the best interest rate for them.
Currently that’s through ALPACA FINANCE but there will be more vaults added in the future. GYM NETWORK is a fully decentralized protocol operating on the Binance Smart Chain. We offer you innovative solutions to make your DeFi harvest as profitable as possible.

Your safety is of utmost importance to us.

GYM NETWORK is completely decentralized, meaning you are your own boss here. It is connected directly to your wallet so that you remain in complete control over your assets. All transactions within our protocol are monitored through the external audits of Certik and Peckshield.
We boast a strong community with 25,000+ active members worldwide. The key to attracting massive audiences for us is regularly coming up with big surprises. Discover our Gitbook and learn more about Gym Network. Many more features are yet to come!
Stay tuned and gear up for the take-off!